The Department of Kazakh and Russian Philology

Administration of the Department

Teaching staff

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Description of specialty

Bases of practice

The Students’ Scientific-research Work

Address: 4, Room 406, Building 1, Zhumabayev Prospect, Astana city
tel.: 8 (7172) 56-21-27

The Head of the Department is Kokisheva Nazerke Maghazovna, Candidate of Philological Science, Docent

The Department of Kazakh and Russian Philology prepares Bachelors on specialty 5B011700 – “the Kazakh Language and Literature”. The Department conducts theoretical and practical courses of general, basic, primary, professional training of students of specialties: “Translation Studies”, “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”, “Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education”, “Preschool Education and Training”, ” Jurisprudence “, “Finance”, “Pedagogy and Psychology”, “History”.

The Department Majoring carries out following kinds of professional activities on specialty 5B011700 – “Kazakh Language and Literature”:

  • Teaching in secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums;
  • Scientific-research activities;
  • Literary creative work (in literary, cultural institutions, publishing houses);
  • Activities in the media, in the field of translation;
  • Organizational administrative work (secondary schools, gymnasiums and lyceums, colleges, institutions, relevant to the specialty);
  • Production and management work (in government, in different enterprises, in the divisions of clerical work and documentation, in industrial establishments).

While teaching the students on specialty 5B011700 – “Kazakh Language and Literature”, the Department of Kazakh and Russian Philology created a peculiar tradition of training bachelors.

The Department employs highly qualified specialists. It has Doctor of Science, Professor, Candidates of Science, Docents, Masters of Science and Senior teachers.

The Department conducts international scientific-pedagogic relations and professional development:

  • The Gertsen Russian State Pedagogical University (Professor, Dr. of Philological Science S.N.Tseitling);
  • The Chuvash State Institute of Humanities of the Russian Federation; (Professor, Dr. of Philological Science N.I.Egorov);
  • The Khakass State University of the Russian Federation (Professor, Dr. of Historical Science, Turkologist V.Ya.Butanayev);
  • The Kazan Federal University of the Russian Federation (Professor H.Yu.Minnegulov);
  • The Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language;
  • The Nazarbayev University;
  • The L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University;
  • The Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute, etc.

The teachers of the Department published their scientific articles in Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, China, USA, India and the Czech Republic.

Educational-methodical work covers the following areas:

  • Educational and methodological support of the specialty;
  • 100% library support of the specialty;
  • Technical equipment of the educational process (Internet, language laboratories and computer classrooms);
  • Laboratory of the Kazakh and Russian languages;
  • Bases of practice (school № 44, № 38, № 51, № 37 and other schools in Astana).

The students of the Department actively participate in scientific-research work and win prizes, namely:

  • Republican Student Olympiad (Second place in 2011, 2012);
  • (Third place in 2010, 2013), as well as participation in International, Republican, Interuniversity scientific-practical conferences (in Astana, Almaty, Aktobe, Pavlodar – Diplomas of I, II, III degrees and Grateful Letters, Special Diplomas, Certificates).

The development of creative abilities and intellectual skills of students proves by their participation in the literary-creative Union “Аққу” (were published the collections of poems such as “Аққу”, “Жас даурен”, “Көңіл күй”, “Тәуелсіздік толқыны”).

Our students (Tanzharyk Erzhan, Auyezkhan Syrym and others) are actively involved and are winners of the Republican, University Contests of Poets-improvisers, literary and poetic readings of the works of Abay, O.Bokey, M.Makatayev.