The Day of Knowledge Meeting took place in EAGI

On September1, 2019 the meeting devoted to the Day of Knowledge took place in the Eurasian Humanities Institute. The EAGI Rector, academician Kussayinov A.K., who spokeat ther ally congratulated every body on the beginning of a new academic year and got the students acquainted with the decision of the Academic Council about the nomination of the RK President scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The full-time student sof the 4 – th course of the specialty “Jurisprudence” Adilova A. and Madenova A.; of the specialty “Pedagogy and methods of primary teaching”Aitymova A. and the 3-rd year student of the specialty “Foreign language: two foreign languages”: Babisheva Zh. Became The RKP resident scholar ship holders

The Institute Rector awarded diplomas on the results of the competitions of the 2018-2019 academic year in the following nominations:

“The Best Young Teacher” – Alimbayev A.Ye., Daurenbekov Ye.K., Suleymenova Zh.T.; “The Best Curator” – Balzhanova A.K., Bolatbekova N.Zh., Umbetova K.Ye.; “The Best Academic Group” – ЮК-16-01(curator Kanafina G.A., monitor – Spatay N.); Ф-17-01 (curator Baimamirov B.A., monitor – Akenova A.); “The Best Student” – Kosylbekova A. (gr. КЯЛ-16-01), Aktayev Zh. (gr. ЮК-17-01), Kayirbek N. (gr.ФК-17-01), Balgibayeva M. (gr.ППК-17-01).

There were awarded the winners of the competition for thee ducational grant ofthe Rector. Theyare: AbishevaA. (grant for freeeducation), KairidenovaM. (50% education discount), KenzhebekN. (25% education discount), Arapkhanova S. (15% education discount).

The Institute Rector, academician Kussayinov A.K. presented certificates of honor of the Almaty region Akim to the teachers and employees of the Institute: Abeldinova S.T., Zhagiparova M.O., Kairolla R.G., Moldasheva N.K., Syzdikov B.Ye.

Prorector on the educational work, Candidate of Pedagogical science, Professor Ospanova Ya. N., the Dean, Candidate of Philological science , Docent Mamadil K.A., Head of the Department of Pedagogy, Doctor of Pedagogical science, Professor Sarsekeyev B.S., Head of the Department of the Kazakh and Russian Philology, Candidate of Philological science, Docent Daurenbekova L.N. greeted and congratulated the teachers and students.

According to the tradition the musical greeting was organized for the teachers and students by the Committee of the Youth Affairs of EAGI.