Question to Rector

Question: Hello! I graduated from school this year. I’ve gotten 61 points on UNT (75 points with Kazakh). The subject of choice was English (19 points), Russian – 17 points. I’ve studied English courses (3 years) and monthly courses in Malaysia. Also I’ve been getting courses “young journalist” at KazMedia for 2 years. Can I enter your Institute on Translation Studies (English – Russian) with these points? What does “Complex testing conducted on technology of NTC the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan” mean?

With respect, Talgat Karibaev

Answer: Yes, you can enter our university on specialties 5B020700 – “Translation Studies” for a fee (for enrolment for a fee you have to have not less than 50 points, including not less than 7 points in a profile subject, and in other subjects – at least 4 points) or you can to participate in the competition for state educational grant, in the presence of the state order in this specialty.

Complex testing is the entrance examination for admission to higher education, which is held for graduates of the general secondary education institutions (secondary general) of previous years, graduates of technical and vocational (primary and secondary professional, post-secondary) education institutions, secondary school graduates who did not take part in UNT, trained through the international exchange of students abroad, graduates of national music boarding schools, as well as persons who have graduated from educational institutions abroad.

More information can be found in the selection committee of Institute by numbers +7 (7172) 56-22-00 или +7 (702) 590-82-08.