Presentation week for the 1-st course of the educational programs “Translation Studies” and “Foreign language: two foreign languages”

From 1 September to 7 September 2020 the advisers of the educational programs “Translation studies” – senior teacher of the department of foreign languages, MHSc. Syrenova B.A. and Docent, MPSc Sulyatetskaya N.L. and “Foreign language: two foreign languages” MHSC Ilyassova A.K. MPSc Davletova S.Ye. together with the curators of groups: ПД-20-01 , ПДТ-20-01 , AI-20-01, ШТ-20-01, ИЯ-20-01 (curators: Iskendirova A.Ye., Yevseyev V.S., Hassilan F., Yergaliyeva A.N., Nuritdinova Sh.Zh.) conducted the meeting directed for the first-year students’ adaptation to the educational process in the conditions of the distance education. The advisers organized the on-line conference with the students explaining to them the basic trajectories and the choice of the elective disciplines.