Official on-line Graduations to 2020 Graduates

On 9 – 10-th July the Eurasian Humanities Institute organized the on-line ceremony – giving diplomas to 2020 graduates.

The graduates and their parents were greeted by the First Vice-Rector, the Candidate of Psychological Science, Professor A.D. Issmayilov. In his speech the First Vice-Rector wished the graduates health, success in their future labor activity and family happiness. Vice-Rector on educational and scientific work, Doctor of Historical Science, Professor Akhmetov K.A., Candidate of Juridical Science, Professor, the Head of the Department of law disciplines Abishev Kh.A., Candidate of Pedagogical Science, Docent, the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages Volkova L.V., Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Professor, the Head of the Department of Pedagogy Sarsekeyev B.S. congratulated the graduates .The graduates also expressed their gratitude: the bright student of the educational program “Jurisprudence” Shagalimova Shasalima and the holder of the grant of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Madenova Albina of the educational program “The Kazakh Language and Literature”, the bright student, the prize holder of the city and republican scientific conferences and Olympiads, the active participant of the Committee on the Youth Affairs Kosylbekova Akmaral; of the educational program “Pedagogy and Methods of Primary Education” – the bright student , the holder of the diploma of the 1-st degree of the Republican conference of the students and Master degree students of 2020, held at the Eurasian Humanities Institute Ryzhko Olga. The graduates expressed great gratitude to the Institute collective, to their advisors and promised to use the knowledge received at the Institute to employ in their professional activity.

Good luck, the graduates of 2020!