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Address: Astana, pr Zhumabaeva 4, campus building №2, kab. 308
Tel.: 8 (7172) 56-21-12

Head of the Department is Abishev Habylsaiat Azimbayevich, Candidate of Juridical Science, Professor

The teaching staff of the Department of State and Legal Disciplines seeks to generate in students solid knowledge, to form a clear civil position, based on moral categories of honor and dignity, which is fundamental for future lawyers-jurists. A priority for the Department is the quality of students’ knowledge.

One of the main Departments of EAGI is the Department of State and Legal Disciplines, which trains specialists of the legal profile since September 1999.

The Department since the first days of its activity pays special attention to the quality of students’ knowledge. The experienced and qualified teachers as Abishev H. A., Akhmetova G. K., Idrissov K. Z., Drokin Yu. N. conduct classes at a high scientific-methodological level. On special subjects “Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure”, “Civil Law and Civil Process” along with the traditional methods use interactive ones, conducting classes in the form of court proceedings, raising the interest of students to study disciplines and the specialty. The staff of the Department replenished with new teachers, including lawyers with practical experience: Idrissov K. Z., Mukazhanov K. M., Drokin Yu. N., Ischanova A.U., Kalbayev N. E., who brought new life to theoretical and practical training.

For the purpose of professional training and improvement of practical skills for teaching were invited legal practitioners with high qualification from national public enterprises and institutions.

Now the Department of State and Legal Disciplines is solid and united team with one purpose and its own traditions.

The Department employs highly qualified specialists. Among them: Doctors of Science, Professors, Candidates of Science, Docents, Masters of Science and Senior lecturers. Furthermore, leading lawyers of Kazakhstan are invited for lecturing.

The teachers of the Department are constantly looking to improve the training of specialists. In lectures and seminars there are different methods: the decision of situational tasks, role plays, small group work, role-play method, modeling of investigation, legal analysis, student hearings and others.

In order to improve and intensify the educational process, the teachers of the Department are monthly updated materials from reference system “Paragraph”, “Law”, the Center of the Ministry of Justice of RK, the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Accounting of the General Office of Public Prosecutor of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh Parliament, the Ministries of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Textbooks, manuals, monographs, research papers of the teachers of the Department such as Abishev H.A., Baltabaev K.Zh., Idrissov K.Z., Mukazhanov K.M., Akkulev A.Sh., Zhumabayev E.Zh., Mussynova G.E. are in a great demand among the students. The staff and students have the opportunity to use the Internet, instructional literature on electronic media.

The research work of the students is one of the factors improving the training of specialists. Future lawyers are actively involved in the traditional conference of the Institute “Science and the New Generation” and the best reports are published in the conference proceedings.

The Students of the institute strengthen a deep theoretical knowledge by skills of practical work. To achieve this aim the Department concluded the contracts of having the professional practice of students in the Law enforcement bodies of the Republic and the city of Astana. The students have benefits from having practice in the courts, the notary offices, in the regional departments of the Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor’s Office. Good quality practical training can be judged by the trainee’s characteristics and the grateful letters from the companies of the basic training places.

Some teachers of the Department have the government awards for their work. For example, Professor Abishev H. A., Baltabayev K.Zh. are awarded the Orders “Құрмет”, Senior teacher Kaldybaev. K. S. are awarded the Jubilee Medals “Қазақстан Конституциясына 10 жыл”.

As recognition of high professional skills, Professor Mukazhanov K. M., Docent Drokin Yu.N., Senior teachers Akhmetova G.K., Mussynova G.E., Saulen N.S. are awarded the Badges “Pedagogue- Researcher”, “Teacher-Innovator” of the Kazakh Academy of Education.

As priority development objectives of the Department of State and Legal Disciplines are defined: further development of educational, educational-methodical, material-technical base, improvement and implementation of innovative educational technologies, improving professional level of the teaching staff, intensifying scientific and educational work.

Thus, the primary mission of the Department is to implement the requirements of the state, business structures, the system of professional legal education and legal science in highly qualified specialists in the sphere of civil and criminal process, and also scientific and legal support of the legislative process and practice needs.

The strategic directions of development of the Department:

  1. improving the quality of training according to the profile of the Department of specialists with higher and postgraduate education;
  2. increasing the results of research activities of the Department;
  3. improving socio-educational work with students.