The student of group ПДК-17-01 of specialty 5B020700 –“Translation Studies” Beisekeyeva Karina (scientific supervisor: Master of Pedagogical Science, Docent Alipbekova L.U.) was awarded with Diploma of the 3-rd degree and the money prize for participating and making an informative report in the international “Issayev Readings” on the theme: “Researches of Professor Issayev S.M. and the problems of the Kazakh literary language” held within the program «Рухани жаңғыру» in honor of the famous Kazakh scientist-linguist, Doctor of Philological Science, Professor S.M. Issayev and the 175-th anniversary of the great thinker Abay Kunanbayev, organized by the Kazakh National Women’s Pedagogical University.