Conventional enrollment of applicants

For the applicants who had not earned the pass grade or had not taken part in UNT and complex testing it is allowed to enter a higher educational establishment in the regime “conditional enrollment”.

What is the procedure?

  1. The applicant applies for the repeated complex testing to improve the previous result of testing and to score the needed pass grade. The reception of the documents by the selection committee will be implemented from 1 August to 8 August. The resitting of the complex test will be conducted on 19 – 24 August.

The applicant should give:

  • Application in the form of the established pattern;
  • Document about the secondary (secondary general) or vocational (primary or secondary vocational, post-secondary) education with the supplement (original);
  • Certificate about the payment for conducting testing;
  • 8 photos 3×4;
  • Medical certificate 086-У (chest fluorography);
  • Copy of the identity card;
  • Certificate of the UNT or complex testing (if available).
  1. If on the results of the complex testing the applicant does not score the pass grade, then he/she will be enrolled conditionally, the agreement with the Institute will be concluded for the period of 1 academic period of studying (September – December).

The applicant will also resit the additional complex testing on 20 – 24 January.

For participating in the additional complex testing the conditionally enrolled student will submit an application in the form of the established pattern and the receipt  about payment for conducting testing to the selection committee.

The Eurasian Humanities Institute will organize the preparatory courses for passing the CT on a paid basis.