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The XVI-th International Pedagogical Conference on Humane Pedagogy “LOVE THE RFUTURE and THE WINGS WILL GROW”

On 24-26 March 2017 the International Association of Social Unions “The International Centre of Humane Pedagogy” under the leadership of the honorable President of the…


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Scientific-methodological Seminars for the Teaching Staff and Administrative Personnel of EAGI

On 10 March 2017 within the framework of mobility the Eurasian Humanities Institute organized the scientific-methodological seminars: “Psychological competence of a University teacher: concept and…


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Open Lecture of Sh. A. Amonashvily in EAGI

On 10 March 2017 at the Eurasian Humanities Institute there was delivered an open lecture: “Conception of Humane Pedagogy” by the Doctor of Psychological Science,…


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The teaching staff of the Department of Pedagogy held a meeting with Vladimir Vassilyevich Kozlov

On 12 March 2017 the teaching staff of the EAGI Department of Pedagogy met a guest – Vladimir Vassilyevich Kozlov, President of the International Academy…


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International seminar: “Problems of adaptation, socialization and spiritual development of children-orphans” in Turkey

The senior teacher of the Department of Pedagogy Pahrutdinova Zh. I. took part in the work of the international seminar “ Problems of adaptation, socialization…


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Gratitude for academic mobility

Having returned after the semester training on the programme of academic mobility the student of the group ИЯК-15-02 Tavildiyeva Assyl expressed her gratitude to the…


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We announce reception of applications from the students wishing to take part in the internal and external academic mobility

Dear students of the Eurasian Humanities Institute! We announce reception of applications and collection of documents for those who want to take part in the…


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Academic Mobility Programme started in EAGI

In the new academic year the Eurasian Humanities Institute realizes the internal academic mobility of the learners and actively cooperates with the national higher educational…


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The program of the academic mobility started in EAGI

In new academic year the Eurasian Humanities Institute realizes internal academic mobility of students, actively cooperating with domestic partner higher education institutions: Kazakh National University…

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