Your finest hour

Can you play the musical instruments?, dance well (folk,modern dances), lead a festive evening, take part in the debates, sing well, demonstrate different talents and…


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In EAGI there were held lectures for the students on providing informational security

From 10 to 15 September 2020 using the platform «OES-Webinar» the teaching staff of the Department of law disciplines with the employees of the Center…

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On-line meeting of the Committee on the Youth affairs

On 10 September 2020 the Chairperson of the Committee on the Youth affairs of the Eurasia Humanities Institute Tyrnahan N.T. and the students-leaders conducted the…


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Within the program article of the Leader of the nation N.A. Nazarbayev “ A Look into the Future: modernization of the public consciousness“ the EAGI…


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Presentation week for the 1-st course of the educational programs “Translation Studies” and “Foreign language: two foreign languages”

From 1 September to 7 September 2020 the advisers of the educational programs “Translation studies” – senior teacher of the department of foreign languages, MHSc….


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Presentation Week in EAGI was on-line

On 1-4 September 2020 in the Eurasian Humanities Institute there were organized meetings of the administration of the Institute with the first-year students online. The…


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Republican on-line action “The Hour of Integrity” took place in the Eurasian Humanities Institute

On 1 September 2020 the students of the Eurasian Humanities institute took part in the uniform republican on-line lecture “The Hour of Integrity” on the…


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EAGI organized a video-conference devoted to the Day of Knowledge

On1September 2020 the Eurasian Humanities Institute organized a video-conference devoted to the Day of Knowledge. The First Vice-Rector of the Institute, Candidate of Psychological Science,…


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Білім күнімен құттықтаймыз!

Құрметті оқытушылар мен студенттер! Сіздерді Білім күнімен құттықтаймыз. Денсаулықтарыңыз жақсы, өмірлеріңіз сәулелі, еңбектеріңіз бен оқуларыңыз жемісті болуына тілектеспіз. Ректорат

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Конституциясы күнімен құттықтаймыз!

Құрметті әріптестер, студенттер мен қызметкерлер! Сіздерді Қазақстан Республикасы Конституциясы күнімен құттықтаймыз. Сіздерге зор денсаулық, бейбіт өмір, шығармашылық табыс тілейміз. РЕКТОРАТ


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