Question to Rector

Question: Hello! How many points should I get on UNT to enter your Institute for the grant? The fifth subject is English.

Answer: Dear Elmira Shamshaeva,

There are two specialties that suit to you in our Institute:

  • 5B011900 – “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”
  • 5B020700 – “Translation Studies”

The passing score for admission for state educational grant each year depends on the competition for a particular specialty. If you have the passing score (50 points for four subjects: state language or Russian, history of Kazakhstan, math and subject of choice, including not less than 7 points in a profile subject, and in other subjects – at least 4 points), you have the right to participate in the competition for government educational grants. The deadline for applications for a grant is from 23 till 31 of June. . More information can be found in the selection committee of Institute +7 (7172) 56-22-00 или +7 (702) 590-82-08.