Madenova Albina Adilhankyzy

Madenova Albina Adilhankyzy (specialty: “Jurisprudence”, course 3): In the Eurasian Humanities Institute I studied on the program of academic mobility in the second half of…


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Sadykova Zaure

I was lucky enough to study at the Eurasian Humanities Institute at the Law faculty at a mature age, at that time I had already…


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Sapar Akhmetov

Within a short period the  Institute had a nice way of growth and development , from the early days it  has won a well-deserved prestige…

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Samal Tuleubayeva

The Eurasian Humanities  Institute justifried my expectations. To my mind  one of the greatest schools of  History in Kazakhstan was founded here. I acquired fundamental…

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Assel Serikpayeva

Eurasian Humanities! These words are not only for the name of the institute. This is a deserving rank of the educational establishment  that has  a…

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Nursultan Ershuov

Dreams come true! A number of  world-class  awards  are not only our achievement with the  coach, but also they are the merits of my teachers…

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Kirill Shevchenko

I  am  2013 graduate of the Eurasian Humanities Institute of the specialty “Translation Major”. I am very grateful to the entire teaching staff and foreign…

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Gauhar Akhmetova

EAGI means the best academic teaching staff,   the knowledge and experience gained during the studies . In honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Institute…

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