Reviving traditions

From 14 to 15 March 2019 the students of the Department of Pedagogy held the whole series of the events within the framework of the…


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Opposition to corruption in the entrepreneurs sphere was discussed at the forum

On 15th March 2019 Prorector of the Eurasian Humanities Institute on the educational work Ya.N. Ospanova took part at the III-rd Republican forum of entrepreneurs…

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Presentation of the book by the French writer

On 12 th March 2019 there was presentation of the book by the French writer Ezhen “The Valley of the Youth”. In this event the…


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International Forum on Digitalization

On 12th March 2019 Prorector on the educational work C.P.Sc., Pofessor Yaroslava Nikolayevna Ospanova and the Candidate of Political Science, Professor of EAGI Maxat Kassen…

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The student of group ЮК-16-01 Shakpakov Azamat became the winner in the nomination “The Best Shooter and together with Iliyasuly Kazbek took the second prize…


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Action of Kindness “Day of Charity”

On 9-th March 2019 the students of the Eurasian Humanities Institute Zhandos Aktayev, Gulim Adarbekova (ЮК-17-01) and Nurlan Omirzak (ИЯК-17-01) held a charity action “Day…


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The event devoted to the International Women’s Day.

On 5th May 2019 the Candidate of Pedagogical Science, Deputy Professor of the Eurasian Humanities Institute N.T. Nyghymanovna and the students of specialty: “5B010200 –…


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EAGI celebrates the Thanksgiving Day

On this remarkable Day, the 1st of March, the students of group ИЯ-18-02 (curator: Kovalenko L.V.) were offered to greet each other according to the…


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Curator’s Hour devoted to the Thanksgiving Day

On 1st March 2019 in group ИЯК16-02 there was held the curator’s hour devoted to the Thanksgiving Day. Curator Duisek Tulek got the students acquainted…

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The People Inspiring Us

On 1st March 2019 within the realization of the events devoted to the Year of the Youth in group ПД-15-01 there was conducted the curator’s…

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